The Idaho Springs Chamber of Commerce welcomes and encourages new businesses interested in locating in our community.

This page is intended to provide the basic information you'll need to know about setting up your business in Idaho Springs. Additional information is available elsewhere on this website. We hope you will find the information provided here to be of value.



Licenses & Permits

Idaho Springs has certain requirements for new businesses. A business license is required, as is a permit for signs.

Business license application          Sign permit application

The City requires building permits and provides inspection services. More information is available on the City's website.


Water and sewer service is provided by the City. Contact City Hall at 303-567-4421 to set up your billing account.

Gas and electric service is provided by Xcel Energy.

There are a number of options for telephone, television and internet services. Choose from Comcast, CenturyLink, Dish or Directv.

Trash collection must be contracted privately. Timberline Disposal and Waste Management serve the community.

Sales Tax

The City's combined sales tax rate is 8.55%, and is collected by the Colorado Department of Revenue. A sales tax license is required. Visit the Revenue Department's site for more information.

Other Regulations

Sidewalks must be kept clear of snow and ice. From the Idaho Springs Municipal Code:

No owner, manager, agent or occupant of real property within the City shall allow snow or ice to accumulate on public sidewalks abutting their property, and they shall have joint and several responsibilities for the removal of all such snow and ice, such removal to be accomplished within twenty-four (24) hours of the accumulation of any snowfall. It shall not be an affirmative defense to a charge of violating this Section that the business is closed or the property is vacant.

Any work on the exterior of a building in the Downtown Historic District must first receive approval from the City's Historic Preservation Review Commission. Design guidelines can be found here.

Print Media

The Clear Creek Courant is a weekly newspaper covering all of Clear Creek County.


City Government

city-hallIdaho Springs' administrative offices are located in City Hall at 1711 Miner Street. Office hours are 8 to 5, Monday - Friday.

Mayor: Mike Hillman




City Administrator:
Andrew Marsh
303-567-4421 ext. 1



Sales tax is the primary revenue source for the City. The 2016 budget anticipated $2,645,096 in General Fund revenue and $2,438,237 in Water/Sewer revenue. City policy requires healthy reserves to be maintained in all funds.2016-budget-graph





Road Construction

The City is currently in the midst of a complete reconstruction of Colorado Blvd, one of two main roadways that runs through town east to west. Completion is expected in 2018. The completed roadway will have sidewalks, curb & gutter and street lights. Courtney-Ryley-Cooper Park will be enlarged, a section of the Greenway Trail (also under construction) will run through the park, more parking will be provided and the entire area will be more inviting and pedestrian-friendly. The east entrance to town will present a more welcoming and contemporary view into Idaho Springs.